And The Winners Are…

Often referred to as the dealers’ choice awards, The Dealership Satisfaction Awards are a set of public accolades given to vendors who receive the highest vendor ratings in a given product category. Anonymous VendorRating results are tallied and verified over the calendar year (Jan – Dec). Beautiful custom trophies are presented to each award recipient at a special award ceremony held at the annual NADA convention.

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How It Works

1. Products Get Rated
List your product(s) at DrivingSales.com/rate. Dealers are allowed (and encouraged) to rate their vendors once per quarter.
2. Get Highest/Top Rated
Products with the highest ratings in specific categories move up the scale to become Highest Rated (ranked #1) and Top Rated (ranked #2 and #3).

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3. Get Awarded
Dealer Satisfaction Awards are given annually to the vendors with the highest ratings in a variety of categories.

Don’t Forget To Rate Your Vendors

Dealers, these are your awards! It’s up to you to let vendors know how they’re doing. Outstanding vendors should get credit for the great products and services they’re providing, so remember to rate your vendors each quarter.

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