About the Dealer Satisfaction Awards

The DrivingSales Dealer Satisfaction Award honors those companies who are proven to have the highest dealer satisfaction of all providers in their market category.

These annual awards measure auto dealer satisfaction with services in 14 categories, including CRM, New Car Leads, Websites and more. Dealer Satisfaction is measured directly from the dealers by allowing them to rate and review their vendors’ products and services in a verified setting.

Every review is verified to be from a valid dealer and then published at DrivingSales.com and in the Dealership Innovation Guide Quarterly Publication for the industry to use in day-to-day decision making.

Receiving a Dealer Satisfaction Award is the industry’s highest honor representing true dealer sentiment.


Vendor Ratings

DrivingSales’ Vendor Ratings is the most complete and authoritative source for unbiased dealership vendor information.

Vendor Ratings includes a directory of dealership vendors, organized by market category (CRM, Websites, or New Car leads, etc) where any company can list itself for free, giving dealers the most complete view possible into their vendor options. Additionally, dealers rate and review the vendor products they use for other dealers to learn from. All reviews are verified.

The industry can see which products work, and which don’t, directly from those dealers with experience using the vendor’s product. Every review submitted to the DrivingSales Vendor Rating system is verified for authenticity and then posted, unedited, for everyone to access.


Our Promise

We promise to provide a completely neutral platform for dealers to anonymously rate and review their Vendors. We promise to verify that every single rating is accurate, authentic and from an actual dealership employee so that you can trust the reviews and use them in your decision making. We promise to publish the reviews exactly as the dealer reviewer intended; we will never censor, edit or delete a review at a vendor’s request.

We promise to present this unbiased data to the entire industry via our website, DrivingSales.com, and our quarterly publication, the Dealership Innovation Guide for all to learn from.

Why We Promise

We believe in transparency that will help move our industry forward to the benefit of Dealers and Vendors alike. The reason we make our Vendor Rating promise is two-fold: First, so that dealers can make informed decisions based on real, honest info from their peers. Second, so that vendors can be aware of the product and service areas that are succeeding along with the areas that need improvement in order to meet the needs of progressive dealers today.