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Dealer Satisfaction Award Recipient

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Award Received For: Sales Events

J&L Marketing has been providing consistent, tested results and success stories to the automotive industry since 1991. Our mission is to provide our clients with proven innovative marketing concepts to offset today’s challenging times. J&L has mastered the most critical part of direct response marketing- data analysis. Predictive models are created that forecast the propensity of customers’ behaviors, which are then used to select targets for communication. We handle the invitation design, printing, first-class postage and delivery for all sales events and service clinic direct mail campaigns. Our dynamic microsites allow every customer to have their own personalized microsite at their own web address that are used to collect customer information including email, service preferences, current vehicle, and mileage for the dealership’s database records. J&L uses targeted emails for both reminder and follow-up communications. Targeted emails offer another channel of communication with customers and increases response. ROI reporting breaks down investment made, and shows you where your profit came from.

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